Tablet Recommendation

I’m looking to mount a tablet in a central location to control my vera 3. Can anyone recommend a cheap tablet and a good app to use?

Lots of posts about this here

I use Imperihome, and Homewave on my IOS devices

I was looking at an android based tablet. I currently have and iPad, but was looking for a cheap android because I will only be using it for the Vera.

I think you’d be surprised at the functionality of the cheap android tablets available on eBay. I bought a couple at a brick and mortar store last December and the specs were really low, but so was the price. It has capacitive touch, Jellybean, miniSD slot, and it runs Imperihome and Authomation very well. I bought a 7", but there are tablets with much better specs than mine in the 10" range for about the same money $50. The price and performance makes them perfect for affordable dedicated HA tablets (also perfect for filling with movies and handing to your kid to watch on a road trip). If you leave then plugged in all of the time, battery quality and run time isn’t really an issue.

Not sure if it’s still relevant to you - but Microcenter has a nice craptacular tablet for $25 - that I intend on using for the very same use. i’m thinking of integration Servers Ultimate + Tasker + AutomationHD to create a secure, yet “connected” Vera.

Link on Slickdeals. It doesn’t have the greatest display, but is dual-core processor.