Switching between landscape and regular screens

Just curious–is there a mechanism to have homewave display differently in landscape mode vs regular mode? Many of my screens are optimized for regular mode and don’t format very well in landscape–I can change them of course, but I like the way it’s set up now. Wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing some obvious functionality.

On the iPhone you can’t, but on the iPad you can choose between a home panel that slides in and out, and one that stays on screen. In the first case, the entire control panel is rotated with the iPad, in the second case, the individual controls rotate.

The home panel just bugs me on the iPad. It’s so crude compared to the iPhone.and I can’t find anyway to change it. My setup was originally done on my iPhone 4S which is the only place I can edit it. I’d rather the home screen work the same for both.

Figured out that you edit the home panel at the same time you edit any underlying page. I didn’t notice this since I had the home panel retract.

Still I’d like to create my own home page and not one with simple boxes.

Then maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

There will be a few changes to the way screens work in the next version of HomeWave (won’t reveal the details now, but it’ll be great :slight_smile: ). Personally I am not too happy with the iPad’s home screen either, and I am thinking of ways to improve it while I am working on the new screens. Open to suggestions!

One way is to not actually have a fixed home screen. Is there any reason that any screen can’t be a home screen plus that way you could have different home screens depending on conditions. To do that you need to be able to link to any screen from a button on any screen so you aren’t duplicating screens. You can also work on a new home screen, or any other screen for that matter, and keep the current ones active till your ready to put the new one on line.

Other examples:
You may not put the master bath on the home screen but it’s a link off the master BR.
The garage could be off the home screen but also off the kitchen if the door to the garage came off the kitchen.
Outdoor lights could be off the home screen plus off rooms that have doors to the outside.

The whole idea is linking to screens from multiple screens when that makes sense.

Linking could be in two forms, one a true link where that screen become the active screen and a popup screen which always exits back to the screen it was call from. So in my master bath example it could just be a popup screen off the master BR. Any screen could also be a popup or full screen based on the way it was called.

Just some ideas to think about.

Some of this is already in the works. The home screen will remain fixed in the sense that it will always sit at the top of the screen hierarchy, but there will be an option to create subscreens (or popups on iPads) from within other screens, and the home screen will become a regular screen where you can add ZWave controls as well.

That sounds good.

Maybe an edit mode which you can make copy from the current screen and then edit it. When done you can copy it back to the main screen. Anytime you restart the app it resets edit mode but leaves the copy you’re editing. You can go back to editing just by selecting edit mode from the main app menu and continue editing. When done you copy the edited version back to the working copy. It’s quicker and safer than saving and reloading from dropbox all the time plus just shutting the app down will always put the working copy back.

Will you be able to reuse a subscreen on more then one screen so you only have to maintain one? That would require a way to bring up a sunscreen that’s not currently on a screen. When adding a sub to a screen that’s easy but to do that when not adding a sub to a screen would require some sort of standalone edit function.

Excited to see some of the new screen features! As we’ve expanded our system and are looking at integrating a few additional components I’m trying to determine the best lay out for our systems. We have an old AI phone/intercom system that I’d love to replace with iPads at each station. Would be great to have a home screen with a camera feed and weather display data, etc… Sounds like this may be doable. I love the way the ecobee displays the weather and status–looks really nice IMO.

Two questions. Is it possible to have a banner at the bottom with selected alerts? Or maybe a spot on the screen that highlights an open door, etc? Not sure how this would be implemented, but would be great to have a home screen that had video feed, basic information about day (time, weather, maybe calendar items) and warning icons if a door is left open/unlocked or something is out of batteries, etc…

Also, looking at getting one of the intercom doorbells (I think doorbird). Would be great if this can come up within homewave–or pop up while homewave is running. Trying to figure out how to integrate this in the smoothest way without having to switch between lots of apps. (And want to be able to control the myq as well). Any suggestions would be great. Want it to be easy to use but would love homewave to be the default screen on the iPad