Switches in Unison.

Basically I want to have one switch turn on two lights that are not connected. I have gotten this to work through the vera portal by having scenes being triggered if to device is turned on or off. It works great, from the portal.

However, I go over the the switch and hit it on and only one comes on. I think its something to do with the portal not registering the change. I have searched the forums and can not seem to find anyone with the same problem.

If it makes a difference I am using two aeonlabs smart switchs.

If someone can point me in the right direction it would be most helpful.

For this to work reliably, the switch needs to support instant status. I believe this is not supported by the aeon switches. So vera would need to poll the switch before the scene gets activated.

  • Garrett

Is there a way I can make the Vera poll the one switch more often? Like every 15 seconds or something like that?

Two options:

Create a scene to poll the switch and setup an interval.


Change the polling time for that switch in the switches configuration tab. The poll time will not be guaranteed as it has to account for the other devices in the zwave network.

The first option would be the better choice.

  • Garrett

Awesome, Thanks!

Another possibility is to use Associations, if your switch supports that function.

This may not be appealing, but Insteon wall switches have this functionality built in such that scenes are not needed. i.e., through the creation of a controller/responder configuration between switches, any switch can control any other switch and can also be part of scenes.

Where can I find if a device support instant update? I believe GE switches do, they are working on my setup.

How do I associate 2 devices with each other?

Ge switches do not support instant status. Leviton and Cooper are two that do. Aeon micro switches do, and I believe all the fibaro devices.

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:9, topic:175227”]I believe all the fibaro devices[/quote]Yes, I confirm, all Fibaro modules support this function.

easiest way is to set up an association. If the switch support groups, set it up as group 2 a double tap can turn on 2 lights that are separate.