Switchbot Bluetooth integration

Has any one looked at or got switchbot integrated with Vera?

Interesting device! This post made me realize that I’ve never attempted to connect a Bluetooth device to my Vera, nor known anyone else who has. Following to learn more.

you can’t integrate it directly. AFAIK, the easiest way is to use HomeAssistant => https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/switchbot/

EDIT: you need to buy the hub as well.

These work with Alexa and IFTTT. So it should be possible to use virtual http switch by @therealdb to send ON?OFF via IFTTT.
When 7.32 and jquery is available, you could use VeraALexa plugin by @therealdb to control via alexa routines

You would probably need an android device at home with switch bot app installed
edit/ no you would need the switchbot hub
There also seem to be an APi

scroll to bottom

Bluetooth api details are here:

And uses python so maybe too difficult for Vera. My main goal is to not add another hub (required for switchbot external access and IFTTT) seems like home assistant hub can do most things I have wanted to do with Vera that it can not.
I wonder, @loana would the coming new Linux firmware be capable of running python and automating this Bluetooth function as described in the article above?

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Sorry for restoring this old topic.

Is Vera-team planning to do work on one of the directions: Switchbot Bluetooth integration or at least non-beta IFTTT?

I see that the Switchbot company is growing so fast that I am sure these features will be very popular.

My understanding is that Vera development has stopped with current OS and all development work is being focused on the new Ezlo Linux OS which may require a reinstall and re-configure of all your current devices and logic:-(

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Well, then the leadership of Vera company should not be surprised that many users will eventually switch to Smartthings/Fibaro/HomeSeer/etc in the future, the companies with a shorter development cycle and longer platform maintenance.

So, I got two switchbots to simulate two buttons for thing I cannot hack. They work very well. Occasionally my linux server cannot reach them, but retrying the command is more than enough. I used a node lib hosting a small HTTP endpoint, running on my linux server, with my own virtual plug-in to have a normal switch in Vera.

I could post the node code if anyone is interested. It’s not directly integrated and you’ll need an external hardware (with BTLE support), but it’s working very well for me.

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Does Vera plus have BTLE?

Yes, but it’s not exposed. I’m using a Linux box, but a raspberry pi will be OK as well.

Would a Windows 10 OS work ?

Yes. I prototyped it on Windows 10, then moved to Linux.