Switch + Scene controller. Does one exist?

I’d like to replace a wall switch for back porch light, with a zwave switch that can also control scenes so i can control kitchen lights from other side of room. Does anything exist like this that would work with vera edge? most scene controllers i find seem to only do scenes and don’t have load switch.

The Leviton VRCS2-MRZ Vizia RF + 2-Button Scene Controller is a single gang device with two switch buttons. Both switches are scene controllers and both switches switch local loads. They are finicky to get working as desired with Vera, but they do work and work well.

The Leviton VRS15-1LZ Vizia RF + 15A Switch controls a single load, but can be used to also trigger a Vera scene that could turn on other devices at the same time.

Thanks! i’ll look into these. Maybe find one on sale, i want the convenience of controlling a scene from across the room but not sure its quite worth a hassle of poor user experience and 100.00 premium over regular ge zwave switches.