swapping 1832 panel for new one will I have to reprogram?

This question may be directed more to guessed or @strangely… I wrote a while back about adding a repeater to improve the signal for our wireless zones. Have purchased and had our installer come to install only to discover that our version of the 1832 does not support the repeater and only versions 4 or higher do. Not a problem as our installer will swap the board for us for free with a newer version and use our board elsewhere. My question is will Vera want to enroll the entire alarm system as all new devices if the panel is swapped or will everything still work if we keep the zones and labels and setup identical on each board. If I tried restoring from a backup would that help me avoid having to reprogram all my scenes and lights. Nearly every scene I have involves an alarm zone or sensor for lights and doors and triggers and Vera is about to issue device #278 we have 27 alarm zones. If someone has a way to prevent me from having to start from scratch it would be a godsend! @strangely - I believe it was you that said you installed repeaters that solved your wireless zone issues in past but I dont think you had to swap boards to do it hence my question. Thanks a bunch in advance and keeping my fingers crossed !

As long as the Zones don’t change type, or Zone#, you’ll be set. When Vera starts, I simply loop through all the child-type definitions you’ve declared (Door, Motion, Smoke parameters/list) and create the children.

They’re given a UPnP Type based upon which parameter/list you put them in, and a name based upon the Zone# you listed them as. If neither of these change, then it’ll make the same “child” device# for each Zone.

That said, best to do the cutover when Vera is down/off, and always make a backup (or two) first :wink:

That’s amazing news, thanks guessed!! I’m glad I won’t have to spend easter weekend wrestling with Vera redoing everything - much appreciated.

I went from a 1616 to an 1864 due mainly needing to update a software version to fix some wireless issues, and it worked fine despite advice to the contrary on some dedicated DSC support forums.

The advice was mainly in relation to using the DLS software to clone and restore, but it worked for me OK.

If you have access to DLS and the associated cable etc, then it will make it super easy. If not, then just make sure you keep your zones (as stated by @guessed) the same number and you will be fine.