Surveillance Station Remote: Documentation please?

So I had to search far and wide and didn’t really get the results I needed.
This plug-in has no information about how to make it work. Someone please document.

Here’s what I found so far:
Put the port number :5000 at the end of the host.


I’m the author of the plugin.
You will find some informations here (in French) :

For the moment, the plugin is still in developpement : the new version of Synology Surveillance Station seems to have connection problems.

I will create a dedicated post when the plugin wil be able to handle the connection problems.

And using translator to English

Subscribing to this for later…

I have downloaded this plugin as well, as I use Synology Surveillance Station and would love to be able to view and control my cameras, as well as trigger scenes in my Vera 3 UI7. Would you please advise how the plugin development is going? Thank you

I got it working for some months after reading:[url=,33759.0.html],33759.0.html[/url]
But after the latest updates of SS it’s not working any more. Hopefully it’s easy to fix…


the plugin is working on my VeraEdge (SS 7.1-4141)
I will check if I have pushed all my modifications.

Thx Vosmont. Working again after update