Surfacing plugin data to IOS app?

I notice in the iOS app that the plugin surfaces my partition as an ‘alarm partition’ device category (cool).

Then it has 6 ‘buttons’:

[ul][li]All On Delay[/li]
[li]All On Instant[/li]
[li]Turn Off[/li]
[li]Part On Delay[/li]
[li]Part On Instant[/li]
[li]Force Arm[/li][/ul]

Force Arm - does indeed force arm the unit - though this seems to result in an infinite spinng wheel (possible because I disarmed from the main vera web ui).
What I would like (once UI7 development resumes) is these nodes to be Arm / DisArm (with optional pin) / Fire / Police (if I want them) Stay / Away / etc

If you use a 3rd party app you’ll get the correct arming options. This is a limitation of the official Vera app and not the plugin.

  • Garrett