Just curious if anyone has ever been able to reach a live body at Micasaverde?


Though I’ve never phoned MCV, I’ve certainly gotten a response each and every time I emailed, plus the one time I submitted a trouble ticket.

I’ve submitted several tech support requests and never received a response. I received my Vera earlier this week and it still cannot back up data on or allow me to use remotely.

I’m hopeful that the email just “got lost,” but I also realize this is a smaller company and may have just misplaced my support request.

Hello, tech support…please call or email me.

I wondering how your support requests were sent… using Vera’s ‘Tech Support’ tab, or the website’s SUPPORT area?

Don’t know how to get a “live” reply. Don’t always get a reply to emails.

We have 2 call centers: 1 in Europe and 1 in the U.S. so that we cover the phones during both Euro and US (EST) time zones. So you should always be able to reach someone by phone.

The best way to get support, though, for an issue is to: 1) go to Advanced, Logging in Vera’s UI and check Verbose Logs. 2) Do whatever it is that you’re having problems with so the logs show what’s going on. 3) Go to Advanced, Tech Support, and describe it in a trouble ticket. That way we get the logs and the explanation and we (almost) always respond to the trouble tickets promptly. Sometimes there’s a backlog for a couple days when we do a new release.