I’m not geting any responce from support.

Any one else having this problem? I can understand if teir busy or so but i would like to get an ticket nuber ocr confirmation mail that they have it in their que!!

Call them. Much more effective.

Although I have a lifeline with them ;D I have sent the last request a few days ago and received an automated reply. Although no real answer yet :-X.

The time zone diffrence is not perfekt for me to call them…

latest times i used
but no automatic replay, nothing…

A-ha. Just mail them with a new email with a clear subject at and you will automated receive a ticketnumber with reply.

Support: what support four days ago I submitted a support request. I got a boiler plate response to set up remote connection, which I did. Nothing happened since. Phone support > mailbox! I can’t download the “Honeywell Ademco via RS232”, I can’t restore from backup. Nothing works. I had Vera for past 10 years and recently upgraded to Vera Edge. Everything worked until one week ago, since then, nothing, except the GUI comes up and pretends that everything is fine, except all the devices are gone.

So sorry to hear about this. I’m giving a heads up to our Customer Care team.
They should be with you ASAP.