Support for Smart Virtual Thermostat


Wondering if it possible to add support for the ‘Smart Virtual Thermostat’ plugin.

It is a really nice virtual thermostat, and it would be nice to be able to control it thru HomeWave.


I second that.

I use homewave continually and love it. I would love to be able to see the temperature set points and adjust them from Homewave.

I currently use a load of scenes in Homewave to set on/auto/off and Eco/comfort, but I have no visibility if its worked or not.


I’ve added this to the next beta build. I’m having problems controlling the Eco / Comfort setting. HomeWave now accurately reflects this setting when changed in the Vera UI, but I can’t seem to change it from within HomeWave.

HomeWave uses the regular uPnP spec for the HVAC_UserOperatingMode:1 service, and sends the following to Vera to set the Eco mode:

The response is a normal one, i.e. a job notification. No idea why it doesn’t change the mode. HomeWave does manage to change the Heat/Cool mode.

i see what you mean. I’ve got scenes to switch between the modes which seem to work ok in the mean time.

Love the ipad layout though - thank you.

although i have just noticed that changing the temperatures through Homewave overwrites both Eco and Comfort set points to what you chose.

I’m not sure if the uPnP Thermostat service supports separate setpoints for Eco and Normal mode. My suspicion is that it doesn’t since changing the regular setpoint changes both of them.