Sunset schedule issue?

Hi All,

I hope someone can help me with a schedule based on ‘sunset’. As you can see in the attachment i have created several schedules based on sunset and/or sunrise (some are for testing only).
My sunrise timing is perfect (see last true/false) but for some reason my sunset time is always at 00:00:00. My setup is equal to the sunrise setup but it looks like the time adjustment (HH:MM:SS after or before sunset is seen as an exact timeframe and not based on the sunset time (or the sunset time is set on 00:00:00 in my system)?

Did i make an error in my schedule, or do i need to do something to adjust the sunset time, or is this some kind of issue?
Please let me know if you need more information, all help is welcome.

Kind regards

I am also seeing this same issue

I see a bug I created …
I recorded the sunset as

As opposed to:

You can fix this by editing the “Schedules” variable in the Advanced Tab for the PLEG device.
Replace the times that end in “s” and change to “t”
Or you can wait for me to make a release and then re-edit your schedules.

Hi Richard (and kfxo)
Thanks for your quick reply. I have changed the variable in the advanced tab so that should work.
I will validate it tonight.

Thanks again.

Thank you for finding this, was going crazy trying to figure it out :smiley:

Changing to “t” in the advanced settings, and then going back in and reloading LUA did not work for me. Did it for you JJ10?

Hi kf6dlq,

I have 3 schedules based on sunset. In my case it looks like the adjustment worked for 2 of them… why this isn’t working for the last one, I don’t know.
When you make the change, make sure that the changed is saved…
I will remove the schedule that didn’t work and try again.

A little know fact …

Before you edit ANYTHING in the advanced tab of a device … you must do a Browser REFRESH before making the edit … to make sure it has the latest data … often it does not.

Yes, very aware of that after being with very so many years, because the data can be old. Refreshed. Made the change. Verified after LUA restart, as well as restarted Vera, then verified again. Waited for sunset. It was a no go. Also verified via schedule tab, not just advanced tab. I will remove mine, and try again. Something I am doing MUST be wrong. Thanks for your input JJ10 and Richard.

He kf6dlq,
After removing the schedule and adding it again, my last schedule is working now as well. How did it go on your side?

No, I removed the schedules (I Made 3 hoping 1 would trigger), readded them all, changed advanced and checked to make sure the change was in the GUI, and reloaded LUA. I don’t know why it is not working for me, even now they all show "+00:00:00t’, but they are not ever going True during sunset. I guess I will have to wait till the fix comes out. =/

UPDATE: Well, I waited for about 30 more minutes past sunset, and it finally turned on. Apparently, location is having a problem, so I am having to open up a ticket with mcv. When I went in there, it was unable to retrieve settings. Don’t know why, it just isn’t. So how can it know when sunset is if it doesnt have location.