Still cant get these working GE - IS-ZW-TSTAT-100 Problems

Been a while since I posted about this problem so figured I would try again. I am still unable to get these thermostats to work. I just tried again and no luck. New batteries in Vera Lite and thermostat. C wire disconnected. Paired fine with Vera but get “Unable to get any information on node” error. Stress test and no successful pings. The Vera is one up directly above the thermostat maybe 15 feet away. I also reset the thermostat and no luck.

take the batteries out of VERA and do a high power inclusion. Leave the vera where it normally is and plugged in. Use the UI to add device choosing option one and ignoring the 3 feet.

Hey that worked! Thank you.

Try that first anytime you add a new device, using batteries and moving the vera close to the device is a pain. Only do it if you have to.