Status of test data for app development

Is there still a url for testing interaction with a generic engine over http rest calls? This would be specifically for use in the development of a web app that interacts with the mios engine while not in the vicinity of an actual device (such as a Vera Edge within a LAN not connected to WAN). This used to exist and urls show up with interface full update grabs.

I’ve relied heavily on this to make a scripted automated test tool for Reactor, and my own Dashboard UI.

…or are you talking about the web-based emulator that was purported to exist, but I don’t believe ever did?

My answer to plugin development in a sandboxed environment is to use the openLuup emulator, and actually run it within my IDE for full debugging capabilities.

In my case it’s a MacOS automation hub which needs to ping the vera (which is in the LAN) for updates and also allow REST commands to be sent to the vera. Locally this is not an issue allowing for parsing JSON from the vera and issuing commands per your Luup reference. But when developing away from the vera, I was looking for some testing engine available which can be used for debugging which apparently was made obsolete for UI7 (see Accessing Vera remotely through the MiOS servers) at

Oh, I think I get it, you’re talking about…? Gone…

…openLuup will do that for you. It behaves both externally, with HTTP requests and responses, and internally, with all the Luup Lua extensions, in almost exactly the same way as Vera.

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openluup is the easier implementation. You can set it up within a VM or an actual low computer.

I will attest to this, but you will have a bit of setup to do. The old demo site had predefined devices you could play with. You’re going to have to set up devices in openLuup, perhaps using virtual switches and sensors (various plugins). But the additional visibility you get by seeing and controlling both sides of the interaction is well worth the small amount of effort.