Status of DSC Alarm

I can use scenes to turn my alarm on but is there a way to get the current status (armed vs. not armed) of the alarm?

I use PLEG to process behavior based on the arming or disarming of my DSC. In my case, I have inputs for Partition 1 being armed, disarmed, armed stay, or exit delay.

I use PLEG’s sequence operator to watch if the alarm is in exit delay and a door is opened to kick off some basic “goodbye” stuff, then check “armed” to decide that nobody is home. It’s nice to have armed vs armed stay to tell the difference.

How do you get that info to show up in Imperihome?

When I spotted your initial post, I didn’t realize it was in the Imperihome forum. I mistakenly assumed that you wanted to get the status in scene logic. I use AutHomationHD, so I can’t help. sorry!