Stat suggestions

I have my new vera plus all setup for my lighting. I am coming from a vera 3 on UI5.

I want to finally get some smart stats. I was going to go the nest route but vera informed me that is a no go anymore.

So I’m coming here to ask you guys for input.

I have zones of heat/ cool in my home.

2 zones in basement:

zone 1 is for just baseboard heat in the basement cat 5 run so i can use anything. that stat only does heat
zone 2 is for a dedicated A/C handler for a dedicated theatre. there is no heat in there cause it’s a sealed room. cat 5 run so i can again use anything. that stat only does A/C
zone 3 in my garage is a ceiling gas powered hot dog heater. like the ones you see in car repair shops. 2 wire only. no common just the 2 wires to run a simple stat. this one i really want to control so i can heat my garage on the way home for when i’m going to wash the trucks.
zone 4 is my heat for my living rooms and cool for whole first first floor. NO COMMON again. 4 wire I’m pretty sure.
zone 5 is for heat only for rest of 1st floor. that way i can keep kitchen and dining room cooler whn people are over.
zone 6 is for a/c for whole second floor and heat in masterbed only. 4 wire again. NO COMMON.
zone 7 is heat only for my kids rooms. 2 wire only!
zone 8 is heat for master bath. 2 wire only.

A/C is 3handlers 3 compressors.
Heat is baseboard hot water from a boiler except in garage as I said.

I will do zwave or better yet maybe wi fi so if vera shuts down ever i’m not stuck with stats i can’t control.

I have a similar question… I currently have a Vera 3 on UI5 and I am considering an update to a Vera Plus. I have a Trane TZEMT400AB32MAA thermostat that has worked reliably with the V3 for several years.
Can anyone comment whether the Trane is supported on the Vera Plus? My guess is the Trane is probably not produced now and it is not on the list of compatible devices. Thanks…