Standard uk light switch replacement

I bought a figaro relay switch to z-wave a light switch, unfortunately there’s not enough room in the standard uk pattress box to have that and all the links between live feed and then the load inputs and outputs. I’m sure I’ll use it somewhere else.

I want to just replace a standard uk on/off light switch that is on a lighting ring so 2 sets of circuits and load wires (quite chunky). I want local and remote control by my Vera.

Is this what the Duwi will do?

The picture on the box looks like it is double height so I’m not sure it’s what I’m after?
Is the wiring just live, neutral, earth and 1xswitch live or the load?


I’ve just installed the Fibaro dimmer module in my kitchen, but I have plasterboard partitions, so I was able to stuff the module inside the wall outside the pattress box. To top it off I installed a MK grid retractive switch (K4900) which works a treat.

The Duwi should just replace the standard wall switch, but I’ve been told it doesnt do status, unless the firmware has been updated.

The Duwi is just a single unit though, look carefully at the picture. It will still have to fit in your pattress box, which by your own account hasn’t got much space due to all the wiring…

Ok thanks. It might be worth a try. It’s a nightmare trying to get it all to fit, but worth it in the end.

Thanks for the heads up on the status indications. I’ll do some digging - ideally I do want that!

The standard Duwi switches don’t do state push, but the ones with the newer firmware do have it. They’re referred to as Duwi.ME or ZWave.ME; carry them:

Wahoo. Thank you.

I guess they don’t do the kits yet then, the spec looks great though.

What does this mean? Looking to purchase some Duwi wall switches. Do the standard Duwi modules correctly show their on/off/dimmed status in VeraLite?


Be aware that the Duwi faceplate is slightly smaller (80x80) than most normal UK switchplates (86x86) and so you may end up with a gap. The TKB switchplates are a better replacement fit as they measure 86x86. I’m not sure if they support push notifications or if my Vera is polling them often enough that any manual change is reflected almost immediately.

I have actually got one Duwi dimmer wall switch in the kitchen already, I was having problems taking it off my old Z-stick and adding it in to VeraLite however I have only just managed to get this Duwi module working as a device in VeraLite ;D

If I manually turn off the light from the paddle switch if I then look in Veralite Web UI its still showing that the light is on when it is not!
Whilst I have been typing this message a few mins and now the Duwi switch is showing as off in VeraLite UI. Maybe I can poll this switch more often or something to speed up the status displaying ?

I also had that problem with the Duwi faceplace and having a gap I had to fill it in with poly filler, what are the The TKB switchplates ?

I takes about 2 mins 20 secs for VeraLite to show the new on or off status of the Duwi wall switch if I manually use the paddle switch.

I change the default poll of the Duwi switch device in VeraLite from 60 to 30 secs but this does not speed it up any suggestions ?


TKB are a Chinese manufacturer, normally branded as ‘TKB Home’. I like them because in addition to being the right size for replacing a standard UK & Ireland (where I’m based) switch plate they have an Led which can be configured to either be on when the load is active or on when inactive e.g. a nightlight to help locate the switch in the dark. A few of the Z-wave shops stock them , I got mine from a shop in Ireland.

When I switch the TKB it updates almost instantly so I guess it does a status push.

Increasingly the polling frequency would have been my suggestion – did you try hitting the ‘Reload’ button on the dashboard after making the change?

[quote=“Frasier, post:10, topic:170593”]When I switch the TKB it updates almost instantly so I guess it does a status push.

Increasingly the polling frequency would have been my suggestion – did you try hitting the ‘Reload’ button on the dashboard after making the change?[/quote]

So TKB is a switch module and switch plate ? I thought you meant you were using the Duwi modules with these TKB switch plates?

I did save and reload. Will test some more see if I can make the status update quicker?

Yes, it is a switch module with faceplate.

I’m kinda surprised the Duwi is so slow to update the status. I have two that I use in my heating controls that I bought before the TKB’s were available. I’m generally controlling them over z-wave but when they are manually switched the status seems to update more or less immediately also. I would have bought them last september so I’m not sure what firmware they have.

For information the model is 054313. The listed capabilities under UI4 are: 210,156,0,4,16,1,L,R,B,RS,|37,39,114,117,130,133,134,135.
While the version # is: 6,2,51,1,0
The polling is the default configuration of 60 seconds.

Right I see what you mean, I will have a look at the TKB ones then thanks!

The Duwi wall switch I have is a:

Duwi 054337 set (2 Wire) which I believe has the 064336 module

Please see attached image for the details of the device that are shown in VeraLite.

Its terribly slow if I manually switch it for it to update its status in VeraLite, seems longer to update its status than I first stated.

If I click on Poll Now button in the device it shows the correct status right away, so maybe its not polling automatically properly?

Do you have any device associated directly with the Duwi? I seem to recall when I was playing around with the TKB and associated a switch module directly with it, the status update was slower like it only found it when polling. I think someone may have told me that status push didn’t work with associated devices. My Duwi and TKB switches currently only control other devices through scenes.

No other devices associated to the duwi wall switch, its just the light switch in the kitchen for the ceiling lights.

Manually turning on the Duwi switch at the wall, it then takes Vera Web UI

On: 2 mins 38 secs
Off: 3 mins 12 secs

To change the status of the light.

Any ideas how to speed this up?

If I manually turn on / off an ACT HomePro Dimmer modules Vera web UI updates the status almost instantly.


The stock Duwi switches do not send status updates; Vera has to poll for them. How often that happens depends on a number of factors, including the number of devices in your network if I am not mistaken. I don;t think it is possible to bring that poll interval down to a few seconds.

I have replaced a few Duwis with devices from Zwave.ME; they sell Duwi hardware with improved firmware, which does handle the status push. This means that turning on the light instantly triggers Vera. These units are slightly more expensive than the stock Duwi ones… might have something to do with someone grabbing the patent on the idea of status push, and charging a license fee for it.

So sounds like there is nothing you can do to make vera poll these standard duwi switches faster?

I have just ordered a switch. Does the double tap work to run a scene?


I don’t think the wall switches are capable of triggering scenes directly. I do use them for that indirectly, triggering a scene on the switch’ state change.

Zwame.ME does make a battery operated controller to be glued / bolted to the wall (they use the same faceplates and rockers), that can trigger a number of scenes with single and double taps / long presses.