Standard switches to match GE/Jasco?


I was wondering if anyone knew where to get non z-wave switches that look and feel like the GE/Jasco ones? I can’t justify spending $500+ on switches and only need automation for part of my house, but I would like to maintain a certain level of consistency. Does anyone know if these products exist? Thanks

The style is called Decora. You can get Decora switches online as well as in most hardware/home improvement stores.

I got my Decora switches in bulk at a contractor supply store (that also sold to the public). Made the cost per switch inexpensive, and I did have a lot of switches to replace. Also, you will need Decora faceplates as well (that matches the switches). If you have multiple switch groups, they make Decora faceplates for those as well.

And if you really want to go whole hog, you can replace your electrical outlets with the Decora style as well.

I was under the impression that the GE/Jasco switches were not paddle (i.e. Decora) switches, but rather a special tap on/off type. Can anyone confirm they are the paddle type? Thanks

They are a momentary tap on and off, bottom for off, top for on. Since they (and all other Z-wave switches) are NOT mechanical devices, there’s no reason for them to “hold” their physical position to indicate the state of the switch. They have LEDs for that.

As other’s have indicated,they look identical to Decora style switches found in any hardware store.