Squeezebox Plugin from MIOS Marketplace

Just looking at UI4 and noticed a Squeezebox plugin on the MIOS Marketplace (I did tick ‘show beta’, so not sure if that is why it appeared).

Once it downloaded it created the controller and an implementation. Having a quick look at the lua for it it looks like a reasonably full featured implementation.

Does anyone know the history of the plugin and how I can get it working? I tries manually setting the serverIP variable, which is appears to reference, but that didn’t work.

Thanks in advance.

Seems to have taken effect - the variables appeared after a save and when I entered the correct IP my players appeared.

Will give it a test in some scenes and see how it goes.

Thanks whoever wrote this - a great addition to Vera.

Where did you tick ‘show beta’?

When you do an Add from the MarketPlace (in UI4) you get a checkbox option at the top of the “picklist” Dialog that lets you specify “Show Beta”

There is no checkbox option ‘Show Beta’.

Based upon your footer, you’re not running a recent Beta version (I’ve seen this option in 1.1.1047+)

Is there any description on how to use this plugin?

I just tried to install it. All my player devices showed up, but I’m not sure how to use/control them fra Vera?


Does this Squeezebox plugin work with firmware Version 1.1.1036?

I can’t use firmware Version 1.1.1047 because it constantly reboots my Vera2 and stops my scenes from running properly.