SQ Blaster orders

Anybody know whats going on with SQ Blasters? They have been on backorder for quite a while now.

Hi everyone,

We had an unexpected rush of orders in the summer that then caused us to have a few parts on back order and they have all arrived, and have gone into assmebly and test.

We are clearing the back orders as they come out of test, and will have general availability in a few days…

Many apologies for the delay…


Mat @ Squareconnect

Backlog clearing soon?

Hi Matt,

Any update on the backorder clearing and general availability?

Hi. Blasters are available and we are taking orders and shipping.

Apologies for the “delay” in getting this available again.


Thanks John,

Order placed.

Many apologies, we are out of stock again.

We will update everyone as news comes…