SQ Blaster now Shipping

For everyone that has ordered or who is interested in ordering an SQ Blaster unit we are happy to announce that we began shipping today. The backlog of orders should be cleared in the next 24 to 48 hours. Many thanks for your patience if you were an early buyer!

We have decided to keep the pre-order pricing for the rest of this week (until Friday 22nd October). After this we will be slightly increasing the retail price of the units for both the Cherry Wood and Bamboo finish versions, to allow us to better serve additional sales channels.


GOt my shipment notification late last night! I’m excited to try it out. Thanks SQ team!

Will it be available in the UK?


Dave Hage

[quote=“dfhage, post:3, topic:166788”]Will it be available in the UK?


Dave Hage[/quote]http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=3684.msg25159#msg25159

Yes it will be available in the UK

We are awaiting final CE testing


I just received my SQ Blaster via USPS this morning. While I am still at the office, and haven’t fully set it up yet, I can report that it is quite a beautiful little piece of kit.

The wood (cherry in my case) is a lighter color than I had expected, but very nice looking nonetheless. The logo and model information is actually engraved into the wood on the bottom of the unit.

I plugged it in via USB and started the SQ Blaster Setup Wizard as indicated in the included instructions. The device successfully found and connected to my Wifi network via WPA2 Professional encryption. After that I just restarted SQ Connect on my iPhone and was connected to the device straight away.

Looking good guys, I’m excited to try it out with my IR gear tonight.

That is very exciting for me to hear!

FYI, Cherry darkens over time… Because this is solid cherry, you will find it takes on a darker lustre over time. One of the beauties of natural materials.

Good to know. Yeah certainly not a complaint. It’s gorgeous. It’ll fit in nicely on my cherry bookshelves that are across the room from the AV shelf.

One question (I checked the FAQ on your site but didn’t see it), can you disable the green status light?

Make a feature request on Square Connects feature request forum: http://www.squareconnect.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=3&start=0 I’ll add that to the next firmware release as an option that you can configure.

Done, thanks. You got a few others from me too for your trouble. :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!

We like feature requests… keep them coming.


Got it and with a couple very minor hiccups (thanks for the quick support SQ guys) now have it up and running. Now for Vera to add it to it’s capabilities (easily) and we’ll have a STRONG A/V capable home automation system!

BTW - MCV are working with us on a Vera plugin that will expose all of the commands for the devices you setup for your blaster(s).

I am not sure when they are going to be ready for Beta testers… but as soon as we hear, we’ll let people know.


I have to say, I’m not sure I have any practical use for the puck right now and I’m not in love with it’s form factor but it has been the most fun I’ve had with my Z-Wave yet. I can’t stop setting up weird macros and playing with the buttons. My iPhone is hot to the touch and I’m getting low battery warnings because the screen has been on for a couple hours non-stop now. This is shaping up to be an interesting weekend, I will be testing my wife’s patients. Once Vera works this in and I play with it some more I will be ordering at least one more but likely a couple.


Glad you are having fun! Maybe we need a competition for the most amusing macro…

I have to share a story from my business partner, John:

He went to visit his parents in Spain last week.

He was awoken a few days into his stay by his 75 year dad bringing him a cup of tea. This is something that has never happened before. Ever.

Apparently his dad had woken up rather cold and chilly and felt very grumpy about having to get out of bed. Suddenly he remembered that he could turn the heating on with his iPhone AND switch on the news without getting out of bed. John had recorded the IR commands for the heater/air conditioner a few days previously and set up some commands for his dad’s iphone (in southern europe and s.america, a lot of heating and air-conditioning units are IR controlled and our blaster is unusual in being able to record these rather long codes).

His dad was so pleased he had to go and wake John up and tell how great it was! It seems until this moment, his dad had not been convinced by the whole idea…

Good luck in finding the right macro that will appease your wife…


My inherent impatiens came shining through this morning as I ordered my second one anyway. I’m having a small issue with my macro setup but I think I’ll start a Macros post so we can help each other resolve them better in one place.

That’s a funny story. I was just in Barcelona Spain last week myself, for the first time, what an amazing city.

Just to set the record straight… my father has brought me cups of tea before, but they have been sporadic…

He was happy as can be that he could switch his heating on from his bedroom, so that when he did get up the house was warm.

and if you want to accelerate the Cherry darkening process just leave it in direct sunlight. I have a few BF of Cherry that I’ve darkened this way.

Just don’t leave anything partially covering the surface, or you’ll get a light-dark surprise 8)