SQ Blaster - Correct Code Sets for your hardware

I figure we can start a thread to save each other time…

Tivo HD – Manufacturer: Tivo, Type: Satellite, Code Set 1 of 6 - that had all the commands, while none of the PVR code sets have all the commands in one set.

We really struggled with this one… At the end of the day we felt give you all of the codes sets we have, because we can not possibly test every single one, and we KNOW that sometimes you need to mix and match.

Hint… the ‘first code set’ is usually the most comprehensive and is likely to have most, if not all the commands for your device. However, if you find the volume, channel select or other buttons that are expected to be smooth ‘press and hold’ are ‘jerky’ then you may want to select the second set for those commands…

I am wondering if this topic would be best held on the Square Connect forum rather than MCV? Not all our customers are Vera users, and this community information would be useful beyond the Mios crowd.

Totally understood… you can’t reinvent every wheel… hence, the thread. And, you’re right, better suited on your forum… forgot about your forum, quite honestly. FYI, the first PVR codeset doesn’t provide play/pause control, and that’s the first command I tested.