Spam controls

We’ve been getting a lot of spam lately. I think it is time to update the spam controls for new accounts.

  • Garrett

In the last couple hours I have removed over 2 dozen posts that were spam and banned about a dozen users for spamming. We really need to do something. It has been getting worse the last few days.

  • Garrett

It really has got a lot worse. Must be a better way?

Definetely too much spam here recently. I try to report as soon as i see it, the quicker they get deleted/banned the better the chances they give up…

From now on, the first post is moderated and we will try implementing a enforcement to confirm activation in 24hrs since registering. Accounts not activated will be removed if 24hrs pass and no activation succeded.
We are also working on the new forum, which will help us deal with spam, bots and other unneeded characters here.

Thanks for the update. It was getting out of control for me to delete and ban the user.

  • Garrett

@Alecs - Thanks!

Regarding the new forum that you mention… Since seeing the shift, I have been fearing a forum move that would break links and further impede searches. I ask you that with whatever move you have planned, to make every effort to maintain the forum links. This forum is a huge resource and it would be terrible to abandon that value due to a URL or software change.

Nothing will be lost.
We only upgrade the components, no intention on losing the database, users, posts, information.

We’ll try keeping it all working, with the proper redirects - if needed.

Thank you.


Thank you.