SP103 or HMR1D Motion Sensor Sensitivity and lag time

I have been having issues with this sensor since I received 4 of them. Towards the end of the manual it goes in “little” detail on phase on and off configurations. Is this how to change the sensitivity levels?

Also, i have been have some lag time when motion is detecting to when the light turns on. I understand some about routing and direct routing, but wonder how to set it up correctly in vera lite, and what effect it then has when it is not routed to vera. it would probably get its notification via poll, but is anyone familiar with this type of issue or this sensor?


I’m having the same issue, any takers on this?

@kd7awj, @amsi30008,


Not sure you can change the sensitivity on this sensor. Phase level refers to the dim level you want associated lights to be set at when motion is detected. I think you can associate (a limited number of) lights directly for fastest response, but you’d lose the ability to bypass the sensor, for example.