Sonos Basics: Creating a Scene to Play a Pandora Station on Group of Sonos Zones

I am new to the Sonos plugin and fairly new to Vera.
The plugin looks to be amazing, incredibly flexible and very powerful.

I’ve got a setup with 14 Sonos zones, and as I get up to speed on the plugin, am trying a few basic automation examples.

For the first one, I attempted to play a Pandora station on all zones in the house, and set the volume to a specific level.

While I have been successful in getting the zones to play, I am sharing my approach here in the attachment, to see if there is perhaps a more direct way to accomplish the same task. I have reviewed many of the prior postings, and the wiki, but as some of the documentation is tagged as “outdated”, i wanted to see if perhaps there were other ways to more efficiently accomplish the same tasks.

I hope the group doesn’t mind the basic question here, but as there may be others looking for help with initial setup, thought i’d post and share with the group.


You can just do the same thing with a unique call to the actionn “Alert”:

  • URI: your URI for Pandora
  • GroupZones: ALL
  • Volume: your volume level
    You can set parameter SameVolumeForAll to true if you want the same volume set to all zones.