Somfy Z-wave control

Hello guys,

has anybody tried to use this device with Vera yet?

I have seen 3 different implementations where people take apart RTS remote controls to make it work with Somfy blinds but why are you guys doing this if there is a z-wave ready device out there?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, that is what is called the ZRTSI and people are using it. You can also wire in a URTSI to Vera using a serial adapter cable. Or go the route of the using the remotes for dry contact control or adding a microcontroller for serial or IP control. For those without Somfy RTS, sometimes soldering to the remote buttons is their only option.

There are just several options and for some people budget is a factor, while others just like to tinker and come up with their own inventive solutions.

Soon there will be a WiFi to RTS solution for even another option.

Thanks. Can I assume that this plugin below will work with this device above?

There are no screenshots or anything visible showing the functions of that plugin which makes it hard to determine how good or bad this integration is. :wink:

The plug-in you have listed is for the serial cable connected URTSI. If you purchase the ZRTSI it is going to include to Vera like any other Z-Wave device and won’t need a plug-in. FYI. The ZRTSI is cheaper I think so seems to be the popular choice.


do you have a guess as to ETA on this?