Something causing "dongle blackouts", delayed commands...

I sent the 2 following emails directly to Aaron and did not get a response… must be really busy over there… perhaps someone can help me here? Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? Sometimes my commands take up to 10+ minutes to execute from vera or dotcontrol… other times they are instant.


I thought I would toss you a quick email and tell you I have seen a
change in the dongle LED since upgrading to the MIOS UI. Ever since
the “fixed” dongle firmware the dongle light has stayed on
continuously, I assume this was one of many changes they made to keep
the zstick from freezing.

However, since upgrading to the MIOS UI firmware for vera… the
dongle LED has been exhibiting some strange behavior. It stays on for
10-60 seconds, then goes off for 10-60 seconds. The time is random
between the light going on and off but I wouldn’t classify it as
blinking (like the dongle did before), it is much too slow. The light
is on more then it is off, but I have seen it shut off for extended
intervals as well (minutes at a time).

Is this expected?


Upon further investigation this is actually very bad… I ran an experiment to see if this was in any way affecting the performance of the zwave network…

I saw the dongle light out for an extended period of time (couple of minutes), so I got my iphone quickly and opened up the square connect dotcontrol app. The app opened and connected to vera fine… but then I ran a command to turn a light on. The light did not come on and the dongle led was still off. So I waited…

A couple of minutes later… the dongle LED came back on and the commands I ordered while the LED was off started executing. So, somehow… something is making the zwave dongle cut off. I assume this has something to do with the new UI and the USB interface on vera…? Maybe something in the new UI is becoming too busy and the USB interface is suffering? I am not sure what is going on… but I know the dongle LED goes off for extended periods and during this time no commands are issued over the zwave network. But, the commands are queued up and execute once the dongle becomes active again.

Probably something you want to check into…

Last night, my commands were taking 10+ minutes to execute at some points…

Today, My feeders were commanded on by a scene, then the dongle “blacked out” and the feeders did not shut off in 30 seconds like they were supposed to. The feeders were dispensing food for over 10min before I noticed it, clogged them up pretty bad and created an awful mess! I might have to downgrade back to 980.

Is anyone else out there having this issue with the dongle LED and zwave delays? I have the v2 dongle with the newest firmware… I would kind of like to know I am not the only one and I am just not experiencing a hardware failure issue (dongle and/or vera)…

I rolled back to 980 and the dongle is still cutting out, looks like I may have had a hardware failure. Not sure if it is vera or the dongle yet… :frowning:

May be even some device not responding. Although 980 firmware (compared to 979) was supposed to provide a workaround for this, I don’t think it completely fixes the “stuck in the queue command” issue. Try resetting your devices…

This definitely could be… I know that everything was running perfect for 2 or 3 months prior to my UI3 upgrade, then the next day I started seeing the dongle LED off at some points (it had been on continuously for 2-3 months solid). As I mentioned earlier, I rolled back to 980 and still have the problem. So, unless the new firmware made some underlying change or caused some change in the hardware that isnt being reversed then I doubt it is the UI.

I am planning on replacing the dongle first because it is the easiest remedy to try (backup old dongle and restore new dongle)… If the new dongle LED continues to cut out I will try replacing vera (it is the next easiest restore and next most plausible point of failure). If either of those don’t work, I will start looking at individual device failure.

I have already pulled the main disconnect to the house which should have hard reset all of the devices powered by AC.

I saw similar things in UI3. Last saturday when I was away from home (these things seem to happen always when I’m not at home) I saw on the iPhone that my scenes didn’t run and all window coverings were still open. Back at home I noticed that most of the coverings were down as they should - not all. However the status of 14 out of 32 devices was wrong, not all devices are responding and it looked a bit like the dongle freeze problem.