Some problem with the combiantion swith

Hi i have try to make some and connections over the combination switch. One of them works and all other not.

Please check the attachment one pic is an working setup and another is not working. I have no idea why, so can somebody point me in the right direction?

Hi xo,

The JavaScript that displays the list of conditions can sometimes get confused and display wrong data. This happens especially when you have deleted devices from your Vera since creating the Combination Switch device.

Sometimes the devices that the UI offers for a particular kind of condition (e.g., dimmer level) don?t actually have the variable being tested, so you get a condition that can?t ever be true. This is particularly the case with devices that have child devices, so make sure you?re testing the right device.

I recommend that you start by deleting the Combination Switch device that isn?t working and recreate it. Add just one condition at a time and then test it. Then add the next condition. Repeat until you are done. Pay attention to the count n/m displayed in the UI to validate that it is always what you expect.