Some lights don't respond to "All Lights"

Hello, I have eight lights in my system. They all have the same category and sub-category numbers yet only six of them respond to “Turn All Lights On” or “Turn All Lights Off” shortcuts. Can anyone give me any advice on getting the other two to respond? Thanks!


Need more information here I think.

Are you using a Vera hub or an Ezlo hub as the systems are quite different.

I assume you have a Vera hub as you mention Category and Sub-Category.

And where are these “Turn All Lights Off / On” shortcuts you refer too?

Which app / interface ? Can you post a screen shot.

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Yes, it’s a Vera Edge and the Turn All Lights Off / On deal is something that was just on my dashboard from the beginning after I added some lights. I’m using the regular Vera app for PC and also Mac, UI7 I think. I realize this is all old stuff but it’s been serving me fine.

Oh OK, yeah the UI7 web interface.

I’ve never used those shortcuts LOL.

Process of elimination I guess.

What is different about the two lights that dont turn on / off ?

Are they all the same make and model or different?

Well, as far as I know there’s no difference. They’re all Z-wave or Z-wave plus wall switches. The first ones I bought were GE brand which were supposedly Jasco and some were some other brand but actually said “by Jasco” on the box. In the Vera settings, they all say GE/Jasco under Manufacturer.

The other option might be to create two scenes for All off and all on, thats what i did.

Yeah, that’s what I usually do anyway. I create scenes then map them to Bridge devices in HA-Bridge so I can control with Alexa or Siri. I don’t really use the Vera interface very often other than setting up some automation, creating some scenes, etc. Just got to messing with that today and couldn’t understand WHY it wasn’t working. Just wanted to know. Thanks!!

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I’m not sure how those shortcuts work?

Mine says I have 9 lights ON.

Yet all my lights are currently turned Off.

Dont think you can see which lights it thinks are on.

If I turn on one light it then says I have 10 lights on.

Maybe its counting some of my switches as lights.