[Solved] beta3 & UI7 : motion detection does not send notification


I have just upgraded to UI7 (and rfxtrx plugin beta 3), and I am trying to reproduce the UI5 behavior “armed sensor triggering an email notification”. I try to achieve this by customizing “Away mode”, by arming motion detection sensors (X10 MS18 sensors), and enabling notifications in the mode configuration page.

However, I can see in the alert log that the device triggers an event, but I don’t get notified at all. I don’t know whether it comes from the rfxtrx plugin or UI7 itself. Any clue on where to investigate this ? I have correctly setup the email notification (the confirmation code is immediately sent to me).

Thanks in advance,

Mode and notification is a general UI7 feature not depending on my plugin.
So your issue is very probably not due to my plugin.

Ok, my fault, I confirm that the plugin is working properly, sorry for the noise.

Not really my fault in fact : devices notifications scenes in UI7 are not set up correctly, I had to change them manually for each motion sensor. Now it works perfectly :slight_smile: