Solutions to reduce delay communicating between bridged Vera Lite's

I have 2 Vera Lights, Master/Slave
Both are on the same wired network
They are in separate buildings

I notice that the delay for triggers and notifications associated with the slave unit vary frequently.
The delay seems to be with my door sensors which I use on doors and garage doors to activate scenes. Sometimes, the sensors don’t even cause the trigger or notification. If I activate a scene manually, it occurs reliably and quickly. Example, I turn on outside lights scene. Both home and detached light activate almost instantly and appear to happen all at once. However, if a door sensor is triggered, a delay is often present in activating the associated scene. Example, I open garage door walk through entry and expect stair light to be triggered. Often, it does not or if it does the delay can be from 1-5 sec.

Does anyone have suggestions to minimize these delays and improve consistency?


This sounds like the sensor is having trouble communicating with its Vera. It sounds like it might be failing on its first attempt to send and then succeeding on a retry.

I would recommend looking at the log and seeing if your sensor trip is hitting Vera immediately or if it is delayed. If it is, a heal may ease the situation, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll need to add intermediate nodes to improve communication.

Not sure what you by adding intermediate nodes. Would you celebrate please…have tried the heal process…Would it matter from which unit the heal was initiated…? I always do everything outside of the original add and config through the master unit. For add and config of devices in the second building where the slave is located, I use the slave GUI everything else I use the Master GUI.


You should initiate the heal process on the Vera to which the sensor is included and directly communicates. The idea is to repair routing between the sensor and its Vera.

Adding intermediate nodes means adding additional Z-Wave routing nodes between the device and its Vera. This is intended to improve the Z-Wave mesh network and thereby the communication channel between the sensor and its Vera.

Got it…by adding nodes, do mean simply adding another device? Is there a way to manually add a node other than simply adding another device between the sensor and the vera? Here is the setup with the sensors in question. Open garage entry door (door switch sensor on door) walk 3 feet start to climb stairs. At bottom of stairs zwave dimmer…top of stairs, companion dimmer…3 more feet door at top of stairs with another door switch sensor on door. Open door and enter room, vera 5 ft away.

my intention is to trigger stair light when entering stairs from either top or bottom of stairs…

i have similar setup on master unit using door sensors on 2 doors going in and out of my 2 car garage. The trigger is so fast i cant see the light turn on from the time i open the door to when the door is actually opened. Same sensors, instant reaction. Only difference, the garage has switch not dimmer and are all on the master and not the slave unit

Yes, adding powered Z-Wave devices(routing nodes) improves the Z-Wave mesh network and thereby the signal quality.

As I said in the first post, look at the log and see if the sensor is being delayed. Try a heal and if that doesn’t resolve it, add nodes.

will give it a shot…