Solar Panels

What do you think about installation of solar panels for turning the sunlight into your own electricity?

Depending on your location, I’m in California and I’ve had a couple quotes. If you do the math, it makes sense.

IE: If your electricity bill is ~200/month you’ll be spending $72k in electricity in the next 30 years and this number will only be higher since these rates go up all the time. +

My best quote was around $27k after government rebate I would be spending under $20k. I think 25 year warranty on all the parts and labor

I don’t remember the exact number but I remember my monthly payment would be about $50 less than my current electricity bill and after it’s paid off, I will pretty much have no more electricity bill if I maintain my usage habits.

I live in Los Angeles, and I think that here using solar panels was my best decision.
I have installed http : // la-solargroup . com / solar panels and they work perfect.
29 (2 arrays) 260W LG panels, I decided to have the proven Enphase M215 microinverters installed on the 1st array (16 panels) and the M250 microinverters installed on the 2nd array (13 panels). This also included the 125A power panel upgrade, which looks fantastic. The sub-panel and cut-off switch were also installed.
They work perfect, and they answered to all my questions, but I would like to know, if anybody else had such an experience with solar panels and what is the best for it.

Hmmm. I see you posted this exact question elsewhere - frowned upon on these boards.
Also, the slew of technical details and glowing accolades do look awfully like advertising.

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