So basic home and away in the Vera App (iOS) - its not at all what I think?

Background - as a new user, with the VeraPlus being my first controller, but as a software developer and electrical engineer, I figured how hard can it be to get this system doing basic things.

So when I installed the Vera app on my iPhone (iOS) it seemed easy enough to configure. I set up a geofence around my home, and marked the check box there that “This is my home”.

The Dashboard “Home” setting is checked for “Set house mode to HOME when at least one user is at home”, and the check box is checked for “Set house mode to AWAY when nobody is at home”.

At this point I figured - I’m good, the system will change to away when I leave the geofence area, and back to home when I enter the geofence area.

But that just wasn’t working - ever. It never changed “mode” no matter how much I came and went. So I recently added the checkbox to notify me (the only user) and the “geofence” setting for that one geofence is set to “notify” as well. So I’ve been, for the past few days, getting the Vera app notifications as I enter and leave the geofence that has been defined.

So the question remains WHY doesn’t the HUB/system change its mode - its still stuck on “Night”, which I manually selected 3 days ago (so that the hub will shut off the outside lights).

In doing a search the other day trying to figure things out, I came across a Vera FAQ post (which I now cannot seem to find quickly) that suggested that I’d have to define a scene and some more intermediate glue logic to get this basic change in mode to happen?

Is that true?

They have an issue with geofencing, it is not working. I have the same issue as you. I did find a workaround for it though. Below is what I sent to someone at getvera today. I have not yet heard back but is is now shifting modes between home and away…

I wanted to let you know that I added the iphonelocator app to my vera controller and two devices for our 2 iphones and the system now seems to respond properly to us leaving the house. I think this will be unnecessary once you resolve your issues but might be a good workaround for now.

One thing that has come up though, what if the neighbor comes over to let the dogs out while we’re not home? It seems like I I put it into a mode manually it goes right back to away… Is there going to be a way to deal with that when your geofence is working?<<<