Snapshot Compatible DVR?

Hey all! Relatively new Vera Lite users here. It’s been running my thermostat and some outside lights flawlessly for a few months, but now that I have a little more time, I’m ready to start digging deeper into what this little green box can do.

I’ve successfully been able to connect a wireless foscam IP camera to the system and am very pleased. However, I’ve run into nothing but problems with my crappy SWANN 8 Channel DVR that apparently will not support snapshot urls. To that effect, I’m considering replacing the DVR unit with one that does (leaving the existing cameras in place). Has anyone on this board successfully incorporated their DVR based camera system into Vera? And if so, what DVR are you using?

Hey there, did you ever find a DVR that provided snapshot URLs? My cheapy Zmodo sure doesn’t, but I would like to have an integrated solution with Vera, making use of the wired cameras already in place. Thanks!

Check out the Aviosys IP 9100A. You connect your wired cameras to it and it then provides still images which Vera can use, and a web interface where you can look at all or individual cameras.

Note that you have to load the Yoics firmware to get the individual jpeg snapshot URL’s that Vera wants, but it’s simple to do it. There’s a number of posts on the interweb about doing it.

Hey thanks for the idea. I would miss the h.264 DVR feature, but it looks like a simple solution. I can’t locate a U.S. vendor for the BNC version, but there is probably one out there. Now if only I could get any video working in my Vera 3 I would be happy.

I had it working with a goldenstate gs-h.264 and the dvr plugin but updated to a 16 ch Speco LS .still haven’t had time to get the new up and running on Vera but its awesome by itself one of the best I’ve worked with. The gs is great for the price as well though mines still sitting in my rack here’s the link if you wanna check into it

i have tested this url to capture snapshot from dahua dvr 5108

Below is the command to get snapshot from DVR




snapshot capture works with channel 1 only.

I know the Swann systems are cheap but this is why I never use them anymore, they are to closed source. I have found the best option is to move to a more flexible solution, it cost more in the beginning but cheaper in the long run.

I have switched to using BlueIris software ($49) on a computer. You can get some capture boards for the analog cameras, but in the future use IP cameras with PTZ, 2-way audio and night vision.