Smoke Detector

Looking to get a couple smoke detectors. The Eversrping SF812 - Wireless Smoke Detector
looks good, but it seems that it is not for sale in the US yet.

Searching the forum didn’t seem to pull up any good ones. Thoughts?

What you found is pretty much it. There are recent threads talking about the smoke detectors and the shortcomings. There is some beta firmware that is suppose to support them, but nothing made public. The answers pretty much given in those threads have not changed.

First Alert CO/Fire Detector
Fibaro Smoke Detector

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I expect to add support for the Nest Protect to the Nest plugin soon, but no ETA or guarantee of features supported. The device itself is very nice though.


So far, I’m impressed with my Nest Protects.

Not that they get much use (no alarms yet!), but they look cool and interact with the thermostats.

What I wound up doing is what I have seen others do on this forum and it may work for you. I already have hard wired smoke detectors so I bought a relay for them. I added a schlage window sensor with an auxiliary set of terminals to wire to the relay in the smoke detector. I’m now monitoring 5 smoke detectors for about $55.

My smoke detectors are kidde brand and in the event you don’t have hardwired smoke detectors they still have an option that will work out. They have wireless battery powered smoke detectors that will network together. They also sell a hard wired version with the wireless option. You can get one hardwired smoke detector and install it somewhere, maybe your basement. The hardwired detector will allow you to add the relay for monitoring via a zwave window sensor and you can network the wireless ones with it. If one trips they all signal and the hardwired one will energize the relay you are monitoring.

The relay I got was an smx120 and was a kidde brand as well. One thing I found out not posted on this forum is that the Smx120 can also be used to trip the smoke detectors as well. If you wire it in a different fashion and send it 120v there is an output that will put out 9vdc. If you wire this lead into the smoke detectors alarm interlock wire it will trip the smoke detectors just as though one of the other interlocked smoke detectors sent an alarm signal.

It’s not truly a zwave smoke detector but will allow you add smoke detector monitoring to your system for a lot cheaper than the zwave smoke detectors.

I have mine setup to turn on all the lights in my house if it’s night time and send me an alert anytime they trip.

With the added option of artificially tripping the smokes with another relay you could also use your existing smokes as an alarm siren.

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