Smarwi windows opener and its control via HTTP reqeuests


I would like to buy this window openers: Smarwi windows opener

They are quite simple to install, well supported (open API, IFFT support…), no drill need and quite well built with good reviews.

They use WiFi connection and support open API to control it using HTTP reqeusts. Implementation had been made both for OpenHAB and Fibaro system using virtual devices and HTTP requests.

OpenHAB Smarwi

They have quite good documented API: Smarwi API

The problem is I dont have any experience using HTTP req. and virtual devices on Vera and I dont know how I can simply create a device with button to open the window using the URL from API for example as: local IP)/cmd/close or local IP)/cmd/open etc.

Thanks for any help.

This looks fairly simple . i could not read the instructions fully as they are not in english.

You should be able to use the http plugin by @therealdb Virtual HTTP Light Devices, supporting RGB(WW), Dimmers, Switch and much more (Tasmota, ESP*, Shelly)?

possible that the dimmer switch will give you control of the position of the window opener.

Thanks and into those Virtual Device plugin I put the http link for Open/Close of the window?

from the http device you create from the plugin.
you will find the variables
SetPowerURL SetPowerOffURL

Put your url’s in these varaiables.

Try it with the binary light switch.
As said before you maybe able to use the dimmable light switch to do percentages.

Make sure your router assigns permanent ip address for your devices if you are using the local ip api addresses.

From what I can understand, there seems to be a way to specify a given position, using the fix endpoint.

If you want this feature as well, and not only open/close commands, I can try to add a Virtual HTTP Window Cover Device to the next release.

It should be doable and not too difficult to achieve. I just need to add two new endpoints for stop and setposition commands, and we should be good.

I never managed to release this device, because I stopped using WiFi controller for a blind (and transitioned to full Zwave), so I never really finished neither released it, but this could be a good complement to the virtual devices that we already have, if it could benefit at least one user.

@therealdb Just to point out that alexa will not see the window covering device, as vera does not support it. Might be better to not call it a widow covering, not sure if google has same issue.

Thanks, that would be perfect, but it is not Window Cover Device but Window Opener itslef.

they basically have the same functional operation - open/close/stop/position.

You can rename your device anything you wish

true point. I’m not sure if window covering are supported in GH. It’s not that difficult to add them, but the skill is not really updated. I managed to create routines and scenes to circumvent this limitation.

yep, but Vera only support Window Cover as a device type. I use the with blinds, awning and window cover, since what really matters it the ability to open, close, stop and set position, as @ElCid already said.

I just added support for virtual Window Covers/Roller Shutters/Blinds

In Vera those are mapped to dimmers anyway, so it was easy. There’s only a new Stop command, while Up/Down just set the corresponding britghness.

Thanks, will try when testing unit of Smarwi arrives. Can I download the version from MiOs plugin store? Is there already the new updated one?

Nope, I will update the store version in the upcoming weeks.

OK, how can I then install this updated version before it goes live in appstore?

Just go to github, download files and follow instructions.

OK, I have uploaded the files, created device - it shows as windows covers but under Advances/Variables I have only this - ModeSetting? Based on manual I should put there the links for html requests for opening/closing/percentageofopen links. Any advice?

Snímek obrazovky 2020-03-08 v 14.36.31

did you reload luup engine and hard refresh browser?

Plus, ensure your impl_file is set to L_VirtualBinaryLight1.lua.

Checked, I have reloaded the engine and refreshed browser, still only ModeSetting under variables…

Post a screenshot of your attributes.

Edit: I’ve also added it to the store, it’d be online soon. But setup is mostly manual anyway.