SmartSwitch problems


I am new to the board and Wave technologies. I have purchased a Vera3 and a number of lighting modules.

The module I am having problems with is

This would seem to be the Micasaverde SmartSwitch, sold locally.

I have two of the SmartSwitches, and the first is working fine. The second is not!

On plugging in the unit, the Blue LED is illuminated solid, I cant seem to find a way to reset the unit to factory status so that I can discover it.

I am assuming it is a DOA, and I’ll need to return.

Can anyone confirm a way to reset or is it toast?


wjohn, welcome to the forum. These switches are known in the rest of the world as the Aeon Labs inline switch, so you know what to search for in your future travels on the forum.

If the light is on solid then one possibility is that the switch has already been included in another Z-Wave network. All you have to do is force-exclude it first, which will return it to an unpaired state. Put your Vera in “Exclude a device” mode, bring the switch and the Vera near each other, and press the button on the switch. It should flash to indicate success, and then it should start slow-blinking as your working switch did. Now it is ready to include.

Note that you can use any Z-Wave controller to exclude a device, it doesn’t have to be the one that “owns” the device. This is an escape-clause written into the Z-Wave spec specifically to handle cases like yours.

If force-excluding doesn’t work, then it’s DOA (not unusual for this model) and back it’ll have to go.