Smartphone Plug In

I am trying to install the martphone plug in. When I go to the plug in page, I get the first page (which also contains tha WAP plug in), but when I click to get the 2nd page I get this :

The requested URL /cgi-bin/cmh/ was not found on this server.

I am going via findvera and have tried both Safari and Firefox.

Try going locally (not through findvera). There’s a bug in the redirect for page 2 that doesn’t go through findvera. We’ll fix it next week.

Global scenes doen’t show up using it with an Iphone safari browser, the rest of the scenes show normaly.

I can reproduce this. We’ll fix this asap.

I have been trying to install the smartphone plugin with no success. I’m assuming you haven’t fixed the problem with the second page going through What exactly do you mean by trying to “access locally?”

“Locally” implies accessing Vera using her IP address on your home network:



Hope this explanation helps.

Looks like they fixed the access to the 2nd plug-in page. I managed to install it yesterday. Looks nice. However I was a bit disappointed that I did not get a dashboard view to see the status of my devices in one view

Hi @ll,

When I download and install the Plugin. It’won’t be able to start te application because a wrong certificate error ( the certificate has experired ).

I use a HTC HD version with windows mobile version 6.1 pro.

Cound any one please advise me …?

Best regards,

More in response to EH than MVERSLUIS…

I also got the smartphone app finally installed, and think it’s great, but it seems to be missing a key function for my thermostat - namely, to adjust the setpoints. Am I missing something, or is that function indeed not available on the mobile app? It does allow me to turn the system on/off/auto, as well as the fan, but no temp adjustments. Kind of a bummer. Are there plans to enhance that app to provide those additional controls?

Slacker, from all accounts, we’ve all noticed the missing temp. adjustments on the new mobile interface, and the universal appeal has been: “Bring them back!” :slight_smile:

This is done already, we’re just waiting for the latest beta to pass our test sequence to officially release it.

Not only missing temps, but the ability to add new users to the locks isn’t there anymore either and I believe it was in the old one.

It wasn’t in the old one. But try upgrading to 899 today.

1.0.899, Temps don’t display, at least not using my Weather component.

See attached as to how they display. Each Child impl’s the interface for Temp sensors, and renders correctly in the Full 899 UI.

OK, phone app looks good now. I can see and adjust setpoints on my thermostat. Very nice. This was probably one of the most critical features that drove me to buy Vera - being able to remotely adjust the thermostat in my weekend home before I actually arive. And now it seems I can - can’t wait to give it a try.

Now I wish I could just figure out the HSM100 sensor on the smartphone app. For some reason, through the SmartPhone app, I get on/off buttons for each of the functions, but in, I don’t. But I’m also not getting temperature or light level readings on the phone. Still some inconsistencies there that need to be addressed.

Temperature is showing up and changing from vera mobile with .899 firmware.

Very nice.

nothing on the HSM100 for me, just the On/Off buttons.

Same for me on my iPhone.