Smart Virtual Thermostat

First of all, thanks to Antor for this great plugin :slight_smile:

And the question - I got Horstmann temperature regulator/thermostat aka Secure SRT321. I want to use it to control the virtual thermostat temperature settings. However it has no trigger for the SET button as far as I understand, however it can control actuators via association groups. However Smart Virtual Thermostat does not support this feature. Are there any plans? Or may be someone has suggestions how to setup a scene to do this?

As no-one answered this question, i hijack the thread.

  1. Why can’t I delete an instance of the plugin in UI7?

  2. Why do I have to insert the variables 10 times before they actually go in? (inside temperature and heater)

  3. “Can’t detect device” is stated, and now I have both sensor and oven in the list. Could it be outside temperature it’s missing? Well, that variable has disappeared from the list!

  4. Is there a alternative GUI for Vera than UI7? :-\