Slow lights

Hi, I have a problem with the lights in the bathroom. I have a Coolcam motion sensor and 6 Philips Hue spotlights connected across the bridge. I have the scenes set up via Reactor. When I enter the room, the lights start to turn on gradually and with a delay of 3 seconds.

Hi fousovi,
you have to give more information than this.

  • What bridge? (I guess Vera since you are using Reactor)
  • Has it worked before?
  • How is the scene(s) looking in Reactor?
  • How are the Hue lights integrated into the bridge?
  • What is the expected behavior?

Help us to help you

  1. I use Vera Plus controller

  2. No, the problems are permanent

  1. I use Hue bridge v2 and Philips Hue plugin

  2. I expect me to enter the room and the lights will come on. When I leave, they’ll go out after a while.

Ok, thanks

  • I suppose you have checked the status when it is triggered (all the rules turn green when true)
  • We don’t see the top-part of the rule-set, anything extra there?
  • Try to turn on the lamps in the reaction as well, not only set the dimming level (if I remember they are handled separately)
  • Is the problem that they never turn on or that the lights start to turn on gradually and with a delay of 3 seconds. (you want it immediately)? - I guess from the title they are slow (if you turn them on directly from Vera-interface, are they immediate?) - We need to understand if it is on the Vera side or the Hue

I do not use the internet or any third party service that uses the net and all of my lights react instantly to any motion or door status changes.
The more computer systems and servers you rely on the longer it takes for actions to take place.