Slider Control help

Maybe someone clever can give me some hope here:

When using the slider control in a plugin device is there any way to make the slider ‘notched’ (lack of better word). In other words… it would settle on one of a couple of allowed position, rather that the the exact position it was slided to. eg. 10% increments…

Also… is it possible to have a custom label floating with the slider as you slide to then reflect the notches as mentioned above rather than the absolute value?

The reason for this request is really because of a lack of implementation of a ListAction/Combobox in the device JSON.

If someone knows of a different approach rather than having multiple buttons for each state, that would also be great.

I’m bit ob a noob in this area, and would really appreciate some help… I am trying to make the Smartswitch plugin work better in UI7 and ultimately have to replace the 24 buttons with something more appropriate like sliders/dropdowns to reflect the timeouts which range from 30s to 24hrs…


My point of view :
With complex interfaces (multiple sliders, drop-down list, …), I think it’s more easier to do it yourself with a javascript tab (and jQueryUI).
Use control tab for basic input (button ON/OFF for example).

In UI5, it’s not possible to add more than one slider in control tab (surely the same in UI7).

… or wait new control types in dashboard :slight_smile:

By cons you can not access the settings and actions put in javascript tab when creating scenes.
But you are still able to access the actions of modules in advanced mode.

Yeah… I completely agree with you about keeping the interface designe simple, and I already have the advanced functions in a separate config tab using JS.

However, due to the nature of how the smartswitch device is genreally used it would be nice to configure it’s properties in a Scene via sliders & buttons

FYI multiple sliders work perfectly in UI7, but ironically they only work in the dashboard (devices) view…

Thx for the input.