Since UI7 upgrade cannot use remote apps - authentication failiure - fixed

So I upgraded from UI5 to UI7. I think I have everything working ok, the only nagging issue was that I could not get remote (iphone/android) control to work correctly. Everything I tried gave me the same authentication failure message. I remembered something in the instructions about creating a new account, but did not find anything on specifically how that would be done, and the upgrade process did not do that.

Well this morning I finally figured it out. On the dashboard select users and account info, this will take you to the authentication screen. On the authorization screen you need to tell it that you want to register a new device. This will make you enter new account information etc (I stopped the wizard at the searching for devices phase and all is well). The interface told me that it was moving my information to the new device, so I did not loose any settings/devices. This also fixed the adding other users and most of the security login weirdness that I had experienced since the upgrade.

I just thought I’d post this to help anyone else who was trying to fix the same issue.

I had the same issue and ran across your post! thanks for the help!

Yay, I had a similar issue with logging in, and registering as a new user seemed to have done the trick! Cheers!