Sigma Designs ZWave/IP Gateway Reference Design

Interesting product if you want to move to other hardware.

Has anyone seen any documentation on the Z/IP protocol? How would you use this gateway?

Haven’t looked for the docs, but something like this would enable me to ease Vera out of my HA. All it is used for at the moment is a Zwave / IP bridge, with all the smarts and plugins running under a Vera emulation environment (openLuup) on an Arduino Yun.

It looks like this ZIPR gateway device will require the Z-Wave SDK and licensing. What’s the cost of a Sigma designs Z-Wave SDK these days? A dev kit goes for around $3,000.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, most people not wanting to develop custom controller hardware would be far better off with:
a PC and a Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Z-Stick, Gen5

or a Raspberry Pi 2 and the Z-Stick or a Z-Wave.Me RaZberry - Z-Wave Plus GPIO Card

The trouble with most of these sticks seems to be that the protocol stack is very low level. That leads you into the same sorts of trouble which Vera has had with their implementation. I believe the PI board has a REST API which seems better.

I don’t follow.

The Z-Sticks use ASCII commands over a virtual serial interface. It’s only slightly more complicated than Vera’s LUUP commands and it certainly is not a reason for unreliable Z-Wave control/functionality.

It too low level for me. :frowning:
…and I think for others too.

That’s the only excuse I can find for such abysmal Zwave device support, given that it’s supposed to be a universal standard.