shutting off Trane thermostat with PLEG

I have 2 trane thermostats that I want to shut off with a PLEG condition. The only logical actions are Set Target and Set ModeTarget. When I create a logical action to either Set Target = 0 or Set ModeTarget = Off, my status report indicates that those setting changes have occurred in the thermostat but the AC doesn’t turn off and inside the thermostat device on the Vera desktop, the ModeTarget is still on CoolOn. When I turn off the the AC with a regular Vera scene, the ModeTarget switches from CoolOn to Off. I just can’t get PLEG to do that. Any ideas?

Post the status report here in PDF, and we can look at it. SetModeTarget with a NewModeTarget= should be the right approach…

aecchalet, I have two Trane Thermostats fully controlled via PLEG. The logic is a bit complex because I use MultiString to store my heating, cooling and auto-change over set points, which make modifications much easier then editing PLEG. Rather than try to describe the entire process I have attached my entire HVAC status report. Look at my work, take what you need and apply it to your particular setup. Feel free to ask what I did if you don’t understand whats happening.