Should I upgrade to UI7

I’m on version 1.6.641 and the only extra apps I use is PLEG. Is it safe to upgrade? Will upgrade be “in place” keeping all settings?

Do a backup to be safe, but your on ui6 already so your used to ui7 as its the same.

Since you are on UI6 (which kinda is a pre beta UI7) I second the above. Make a backup and upgrade to UI7. It’ll probably work better than what you have now. (which is no longer supported)

If you UI6 (same as UI7) limited display capability and having to scroll all the time - go to UI7.
After a year I gave up and went back UI5, and I am happy.
But I still do not have “z-wave+” devices so my Vera3 is fine.

I have a Vera Edge on UI7 for testing and a Vera 3 on UI5 for my house system and a Vera Lite test system on UI6.

With all the testing I do … I am not ready to move my house system to UI7 yet.

UI6 supports the UI5 Interface via the Advanced mode … I would stay on this.
On UI6 I always used the Advanced mode and things were pretty stable.

Unless you need some feature that is in UI7 … there is NO reason to move up to UI7, it’s does not have better quality than UI5.

If you have an Edge you have no option … and you live with what you get.