Should I switch to Ezlo?

I would like clarification and help in choosing what to do.
I started years ago with VeraLite then switched to VeraPlus and after a hardware failure replaced with VeraEdge that, performing the Restore from one controller to another without ever losing scenes and Devices.
Everything works well with VeraAllert that alerts me by speaking on the phone without the useless tone of the phone, and VeraConcierge that allows me to literally talk to my GoogleHomes … I would say wonderful.

With the advent of Ezlo (a system that is too young and with good promises) but the impossibility of not restoring my devices, I have considered other brands with excellent reputation and experience suited to my real home automation needs.
Among those that I have tried and have satisfied me are:
Home Assistant:
an immense comunity, infinite features and established expansion possibilities, numerous interfaces but all a bit complicated
very stable, many Plugins and many interfaces.

Well, I would like to trust the Ezlo team but, if I have not misunderstood:

  • still works with an old unstable mobile interface
  • European Controllers are not yet distributed
  • the web interface is still in the Alpha version
  • has few Plugins
  • and, which would make me change, it does not allow the immigration of Devices from Vera system to Ezlo

Please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d like to trust Ezlo.
Thank you

the way one should choose Home Automation is by
1)Identify their own need
2)Identify the company they want to set off on a journey with

Lets be clear, Home Automation is NOT a product, its a PROCESS!
One’s needs for home automation will increase, evolve. Not only do you need someone to deliver all these new requirements but you have to “manage” all this as well. I have seen many people creating a Frankenstein of a system with computers to run their home automation, because they have to.

-So define what you need
See which home automation company can provide that
-Then analyze which home automation company will be able to support you in your “process” of home automation
-Understand company’s vision to make sure they will be aligned with what you want in the future.

Not easy task currently and happy to answer any questions you may have.

All true and I agree with you but you have given an answer to questions that I have not asked!
Basically, everything works with Vera and I am fine, I have a safe and smart home, modifying my needs over time but, when I had a problem, I replaced the controller and restored it; Now I find myself with over 35 physical devices, 60 virtual and 80 Scenes so the question seems legitimate to me!
Given that Ezlo is a new system, I understand that the interface has to be redone, I understand that we have to wait for the Plugins, I also understand that I will have to redo all the scenes … I understand and I want to believe but, precisely because I want to trust those who have supported me in these years that I would like to understand the developments of Ezlo!
So my question is:
Will it be possible at least to immigrate from Vera to Ezlo?
Otherwise, with all due respect, my intention is: to guarantee a stable future for Home security with a reliable brand.

Guys have done a Proof of Concept and it seems to work
Migrating Devices
Migrating Scenes
are two different tasks
We have successfully done the Migration of Devices in our Proof of Concept.
We believe we can do the Migration of Scenes as well.
In our roadmap we want to offer this capability by the year end (subject to change).


Then you will do a great job … :wink:
I hope to see something concrete and a European Controller soon.


I am told Atom Hubs will launch in Europe via Amazon by or on July.


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