Should I replace my old Vera Plus with a new one?

I have a five year old Vera Plus device.
The response times for turning the lights on or any other Zwave device are very slow.
It sometimes takes 30 seconds for a scenario to complete.
I wonder if this is because I am using an old HW version of Vera Plus and switching to a new one would improve speeds.
Is there a way to identify which HW version I have?

No there isn’t any newer hardware from Vera that will fix this problem. Most likely you have a bad z wave mesh. I had a similar issue and running a few scripts and getting rid of problematic devices my devices respond within milliseconds. How many devices are on your network?

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Thanks Pabla.
About 15 devices.
Mostly from Fibaro. Would be happy to learn which scripts to run and how to diagnose bad devices.

Have a look at this thread. Rafael explains it very well with a few scripts too. These exact scripts really helped my network.

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Thanks @pabla and Rafael!
I did these steps and indeed my network is much more responsive now.


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