Shades motor control

Has any one can recomend a Shade motor control that integrates well with Vera. I want to buy a cuple of them and whant to know your experience with them.


You may want post a few more details about what sort of shades you are considering, and also perhaps whether you are going with AC or DC motors. If you are lucky then @shady will spot this thread and give you some advise!

I have a RS scene automation AC1 ZW (lagotek) shade controller controlling my awning and it works great!

This is for a new project that we have not even select the shades yet.
And this is my first time I will use this devices so I am looking for tips on what to take special care in order to avoid unkown problems. I apreciate your comment I will look for the brand on the web.

You may also want to post which country you are from, as not all devices are available in different regions!

I am in mexico but we get everything from Us