Sevenhugs SmartRemote

Has anyone seen this? I caught it on uncrate yesterday:

The name is… awful. I don’t know. I don’t know how far along development is, or what its specs will be, but I signed up for release info. The location-based/contextual control is interesting.

I was interested until it’s highlights were controlling lights and thermostats. I am trying to avoid any interaction with them, not have more ways to do it. No mention of TV which is the most complicated part of a home that can’t be automated.
Also how is the contextual location based functionality supposed to work? If I am in my lounge will it know I am there and not in the next room and if I am pointing at the hue light bulb or the thermostat next to it?
I am not convinced. Has anyone seen it as CES?

Right… I would assume (eek) that it would control AV equipment as well. I do everything I need to now with HA on my phone, and I have really unfavorable experience using Harmony remotes. I’m always looking for a better solution for AV.

What you describe, yes, they’re saying it’ll do. Local WiFi-based, three-axis positioning can’t be far off, but I doubt that’s it. I really don’t know what it’s doing to establish your location in the house.