Setting up a Z-wave controller

I have a Vesternet 2 button controller and I can add it to my VeraSecure network as a generic z-wave device but don’t understand how to set it up to control devices or scenes. I’ve asked Vesternet for assistance but they didn’t provide any useful information. If anyone would be willing to take a quick look and give any guidance that’d be much appreciated.

The manual can be found at -


Hello @danhunt
I would like to let you know that Vesternet-zwave-remote-control is not fully integrated into Vera/Ezlo Controllers. This does not strictly mean that the device is incompatible. Most non-integrated devices can be paired to the controllers using the Generic Z-Wave Device option and function correctly. However, we cannot guarantee the correct operation of the device. Some devices may show errors or not have all the functions available, could you please tell us what you see when you go to devices (from the web page) and click on the little arrow next to the device because usually with other compatible scene controllers there is the option to program the buttons with their scenes.

Thanks for your reply @maicol.morales. Here’s a screenshot of the info I can see. I was expecting to find some way to assign a function to the buttons but it’s not obvious how to do this. If you need further info from the dropdowns please let me know. Thanks